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New Espresso Blend Available Online October 10 2018

New Espresso Blend Available Online! Try our custom blend of Ethiopian (for sweetness) and Sumatran (for body) created for Taste Coffee Cafe! Our Ethiopian just received a 92 rating on Coffee Review! We also played with lightening our Sumatran to help highlight the fruitniess of Ethiopian while still bringing a rich earthy body to the espresso. Dont be fooled by the name, this coffee also makes a wonderful drip coffee! 

We're Hiring! September 06 2018

Desert Sun is looking for a full time sales person who will be accountable for generating new accounts. We pride ourselves on cultivating relationships with like minded businesses that are looking to expand the story of why and where their coffee comes from. A successful candidate will be impassioned by selling great coffee in a competitive environment. Position will require cold calling, able to persevere in the face of a competitive marketplace, some travel, filling and managing a hopper of prospective partners, relatable with the ability to confidently offer rebuttals and persuasive messaging. Must take initiative and be self-driven to manage a sales plan and meet monthly goals. Please send resume and position interest to operations@desertsuncoffee.com

Power House Porter (Coffee Beer)!! August 16 2018

We are so excited to announce that the Power House Porter, with Desert Sun's Cold Brew Coffee, is now available on Nitro at Carver Brewing Co! Desert Sun Coffee has a special Carvers House Blend which also makes smooth and rich Cold Brew and excellent in a porter!! Thanks Carver's!

Public Cuppings August 09 2018


Want to learn more about coffee profiles, regions, roasts? Come cup with us! Cupping is a fancy way that people in the industry analyze their coffees. Interested in learning more, join us! We cup every Wednesday and Thursday. Call ahead to reserve your spoon!

El Moro's Birthday Party July 27 2018

Our friends El Moro Spirits & Tavern are celebrating their 5th year today! Makes sure to stop in today and show them some love! They have Desert Sun Nitro Cold Brew on tap!

Best Of Durango July 24 2018

Help us continue to welcome Taste Coffee to the heart of Durango Downtown! Located at 11th and Main Taste Coffee is a specialty cafe featuring Desert Sun Coffee's single origin coffees. If you haven't already, stop in and met owner Ronnie Hardt who will make you a specialty coffee with superior service! 


Taste Coffee is listed in the 2018 Best of Durango "Best Coffee Shop" Category! 

Music in the Mountains July 12 2018

We are so excited to be part of Music in the Mountains this year! Last night Desert Sun teamed up with Animas Chocolate and The Ore House, pairing handcrafted chocolate with specialty coffee, cocktails, beer, and wine as a prelude to a magical musical weekend!

Natural Processed Peru Coffee July 05 2018

One of the MANY advantages of being member partners with COOP Coffees is our DIRECT relationships with our Farmers. We take pride in our long standing relationships with our coffee farmers!

The COOP has something called our "Impact Fund"; a tax that we charge ourselves that goes back to our producer communities. One of the project we have going on with this money is in Peru where we have dedicated over 10 years in the NATURAL processing of coffees.

We are the only importers of Natural Processed Peru in the world! And it's so good; wild strawberry tasting notes. And it just keeps getting better!

Brew Bomb July 02 2018

Last week we had a visit from Brew Bomb! Owner and inventor of this cutting-edge Cold Brew technology came all the way from Thailand to check up on the equipment. We had lots of fun talking about Cold Brew profiles and techniques and are more than happy with our Desert Sun Silk Road Cold Brew! If you haven't yet tried our Silk Road, come by our shop or call for cafe locations!

Trip Report! June 20 2018

Desert Sun team member Zach Ray recently returned from the mountains of Northern Peru, where a small group of farmers are gaining a reputation for producing high quality coffee. We have been purchasing from them for 7 years. Our continued partnership has provided them the security of knowing they can sell their coffee for a higher price than anywhere else!

Since then they have begun to process a special type of coffee just for us; a Natural Process Peru. Higher prices paid to farmers, fair trade and organic premiums, and on the ground investment in quality of life for our partners and their communities.

This is the model we use with all the coffee we buy. It's what makes us different. At Desert Sun we're glad to have you on this journey because it's a journey with us and those who produce the coffee we love to drink. Because we care!

Coffee Cupping June 17 2018

Desert Sun Coffee host a free Coffee Cupping 101 at Taste Coffee Sunday, June 24th. Sign Up at Taste; 1101 Main Ave. Durango Colorado!

Freshly Roasted May 22 2018

At Desert Sun Coffee we Roast to Order every Monday and Tuesday! Keeping it fresh in the West!

The Wonderful World of Cold Brew May 10 2018

The wonderful world of Cold Brew! We are having so much fun with our Organic Cold Brew product! It is really the smoothest and low acidic coffee we have tasted; the best in the Southwest. It is a blast making this beautiful product and handing it over to our customers too see what they do with it! Here is a beautiful Mocktail created by Animas Chocolate Company; cold brew possibilities are endless for cafes, bars, restaurants and home coffee drinkers!

Merch, merch, merch! May 10 2018

Merch, merch, merch! We roast coffee, that is what we do! Somehow managed to find time to slip in some fun merch for all you fans! Rock your favorite roasters' apparel~ you've never looked cooler! Say "I have good taste in coffee" or "I'm down with Southwest Colorado" with our new hats and t-shirts!

New Mugs April 20 2018

New mugs available with our new "Fueled By Desert Sun" LOGO. Buy online or come visit the Roastry and pick one up!

Cold Brew! April 17 2018

We are beyond excited to announce NEW BREW TECHNOLOGY at Desert Sun. We have recently integrated the "Brew Bomb" into our Nitro Coffee process. With this equipment we have created the smoothest, most flavorful and consistent Cold Brew product our team has ever tasted on the market. Contact us for more information about this machine and our Cold Brew products!

Happy Easter! March 30 2018

Happy Easter Everyone! It's finally Spring in Durango, we hope everyone gets #fueledbydesertsun and gets to spend some time this weekend outdoors with friends and family! 

Brewing Black Coffee March 19 2018

How many different ways can you make black coffee!? There is a lot of methods; espresso, drip, french press, pour over, siphon, aeropress ... the list goes on! Did you know, there are subtle flavor differences with each brewing process? What is important for flavor is filtered water, grind size, the correct coffee to water ratio and the amount of time your brewing/extracting. For tips on the perfect cup, follow us on instragram/desertsuncoffee 

Happy International Women's Day March 08 2018

Happy International Women's Day! This is our roaster, she is strong like her coffee. Here is to her and all the women who grow, roast, and brew great coffee!!

Desert Sun Coffee Cupping // Quality Control Practices February 28 2018

At Desert Sun we roast Monday and Tuesday; Wednesday through Friday we cup! It is very important for us to keep our coffee blends constant and our single origins complementary of their unique attributes. We measure all these factors and more in our SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) cupping protocol.

What is cupping?

"Coffee cupping, or coffee tasting, is the practice of observing the tastes and aromas of brewed coffee. It is a professional practice but can be done informally by anyone or by professionals known as "Q Graders". A standard coffee cupping procedure involves deeply sniffing the coffee, then loudly slurping the coffee so it spreads to the back of the tongue. The coffee taster attempts to measure aspects of the coffee's taste, specifically the body (the texture or mouthfeel, such as oiliness), sweetness, acidity (a sharp and tangy feeling, like when biting into an orange), flavour (the characters in the cup), and aftertaste. Since coffee beans embody telltale flavours from the region where they were grown, cuppers may attempt to identify the coffee's origin."

Bolivia is Back! February 22 2018

Fresh Bolivian Coffee back in stock at Desert Sun Coffee Roasters!

Honduras and Nicaragua trip report February 09 2016

In January of this year, I was given the opportunity to travel through the coffee-growing regions of Honduras and Nicaragua, where some of our producer’s farms are located. I’ve been in the coffee business for a few years and this was my first chance to see the process in such an intimate fashion. Prior to this trip, my perspective on the fair trade movement and the coffee industry, in general, had been missing that crucial element. I challenged myself to come away from the experience with a firmer grasp on our farmer contributions so I can convey that to you, our customers.

As a coffee roaster, Desert Sun Coffee is only a singular link in the diverse chain of people that connects everyone involved in a coffee bean’s journey, from seed to cup. This chain begins with the farmers, pickers, producers, exporters, importers, roasters and ends as you take a sip from your morning cup of coffee. Every step of this journey is composed of countless people, working hard every day to bring out the best in each and every bean. Our responsibility as a roaster is to act as stewards to all of that hard work that preceded us. To do otherwise would be a disservice to all of the many people vested in this industry. Something as simple as accidentally spilling a handful of beans on our production floor has taken on a new level of meaning for me; thousands of miles travelled, only to be butter-fingered at the penultimate moment.

I've gained some valuable insights as to how fair trade is affecting the people working on the ground-level. For every person you ask, you might receive one or, even more, opinions on the topic. From my own perspective, fair-trade simply means forging meaningful relationships. It means knowing the individuals who grow your coffee on a personal level and understanding what hurdles they have and still need to overcome. That sentiment was the foundation for the entire trip and I think that our co-op, Coop Coffees, continues to do an outstanding job of promoting these interpersonal connections that span the globe. Whether it be helping our farmers get through the La Roya crisis, currently sweeping through Central America, or ensuring that they are being paid an honest price for each batch of coffee they produce, we strive to have as much of a positive impact on their lives as they have had on ours. Without the dedication and hard work of the coffee-growing community, this entire venture would be utterly impossible.

I'll be sharing more from my trip in the coming months. Please feel free to call us or to send an email if you have any further questions regarding how we acquire our coffee.  We love discussing all aspects of the business and want you to understand your part in the chain that connects us all! 


Congo Gorilla Roast December 31 2015

Gorilla Roast of Congo 

At Desert Sun Coffee, we take pride in representing the farmers who grow our coffee on farms all over the world. We consider ourselves to be stewards to their hard work and feel a responsibility to bring out the best in each batch that we roast. With that in mind, we're excited to re-introduce our Single Origin coffee, Gorilla Roast of Congo. 

Desert Sun's head roaster, Wade Wilderman, has been roasting test batches for the last two weeks on our small Probat Roaster. After tasting six separate sample roasts, we're confident that we've brought out the best in this Congolese coffee. It has a very clean flavor with additional notes of citrus/orange juice, floral, black tea, and chocolate. Expect a body that is heavy and creamy with lingering aftertastes of toffee and chocolate.


The SOPACDI grower's co-op is helping to steadily revive the reputation of the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo as a region that can produce outstanding washed Arabica coffees. For decades, there had been no markets for the farmers’ coffee due to civil war and regional instability. Many had no option but to take the dangerous smuggling route across Lake Kivu, bartering their coffee for food and everyday essentials. Others were even forced to flee their land entirely to escape the violent civil war.

SOPACDI is comprised of farmers from varying ethnic groups – they speak Kirundi, Kihavu or Kinyarwanda – yet they are united in their vision to improve the lives of their families and communities through the specialty coffee trade. Many SOPACDI coffee farmers are widows, their husbands drowned smuggling coffee across Lake Kivu. SOPACDI pays a price-premium for "Women’s Coffee" to its female members, which helps them to overcome all of the tragedy and hardship they have endured.

Nine years ago, a small group of farmers came together, inspired by the newly formed specialty coffee co-operatives in Rwanda and talked about doing the same. In 2008, they found their first specialty coffee buyer and since then the momentum has been building. Today, SOPACDI has over 3,200 farmer members and they have recently achieved Fairtrade and organic certification. The Muungano and Furaha co-operatives are now gathering strength as well, their members heartened by the success of SOPACDI.

90 Proof Coffee November 20 2015



At Desert Sun Coffee Roasters we’re always looking for creative ways to share our love for coffee and the nuances that make it special. Last year, while at a Coop Coffees annual meeting in Louisville, KY, Desert Sun "Chief Bean," Glenn Lathrop, visited the Woodford Reserve Distillery. Walking through the oldest working bourbon distillery in the US, Glenn was intrigued by the idea of aging green coffee in one of the American oak barrels used for aging the whiskey. Green coffee is known  for its ability to absorb the flavor characteristics from its environment, which is usually something to be avoided. But in this case, that characteristic proved useful in creating a very dynamically flavored cup of coffee.  Glenn inquired with a friend who worked at Woodford about purchasing an oak barrel and a month later one arrived at Desert Sun Coffee in Durango.

Once the barrel was unloaded at Desert Sun, our head roaster, Wade Wilderman, funneled 30 lbs. of green Peruvian coffee into the barrel.  He then sealed the top hole and we let it age for quite a few weeks. Wade roasted a sample batch in our smaller roaster and when we tasted the coffee we knew we had something special. 

Think of sitting by the fire, after a long day skiing, enjoying this flavorful cup of coffee with friends and loved ones. We hope you take advantage of this limited edition roast and share it with the special people in your life who accompany you in your adventures this winter season. Drink up and happy holidays!