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What Does Organic Mean and How Do We Do It?

What Does Organic Mean and How Do We Do It?

You've heard "Organic" a million times, but do you know what it actually means? How do you know that the products you're buying are actually organic? The word is tossed around and slapped on labels, but some companies don't have any proof behind their claims. In this blog, I will tell you what exactly "organic" means and how Desert Sun backs up our claims of being organic, and how you can see for yourself. 

Organic red coffee cherries on a coffee tree

The definition of organic is "(of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizerspesticides, or other artificial chemicals." Organic products are a good thing because many commercially produced foods are layered with chemicals in order to keep the pests off and production rates high. However, these chemicals have negative effects on our health as you can imagine. All of our farmers not only are certified organic but proudly incorporate healthy, sustainable practices in their fields. You can check out each organic certification on their Producer Page on the Fair Trade website and on the right-hand side click on the "Organic Certification" link. On this website, you are able to track every single transaction that takes place in order for the coffee to find its way into your cup. Simply select a farm and read about the individuals and communities that work so hard to provide you with excellent specialty coffees. 

 Our farmers not only strictly farm organic, but they also implement restorative agricultural practices that help reduce and capture carbon from our atmosphere and put it back into the soil where it belongs. To learn more about these practices check out this cool video by Fair World Project or this one by Kiss the Ground. You can also read some of our previous blogs for specific details about our farmers: Small Scale Coffee Farms VS. Industrial, What is Carbon Sequestration?, and What is Cooperative Coffees's Impact Fund?

 Picture of Fondo Paez Farmers that links to their page on the Fair Trade Proof website.

Not only do you get a fresh and delicious cup of coffee when you buy from us, but you also get the peace of mind that we take pride in our business practices and that we do the right thing for people, our planet, and the perfectly roasted bean.  


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