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Meet the Team

  • Name: Glenn
  • Role: Chief Bean
  • Favorite coffee: Single Origins!!
  • Preferred brew method: Pour Through
  • What got you into coffee: Insanity! ( I wanted to own my own business)
  • A memorable place you enjoyed coffee: Before back country skiing at Sorcerer Lodge, BC.
  • Hobbies and interests: Backcountry skiing, cooking, mtn biking.
BruceName: Bruce
Role: Sales and Marketing
Favorite coffee: Peru
Preferred brew method: I love them all
What got you into coffee: My mom said that we're Danish and Danish people drink coffee!
A memorable place you enjoyed coffee: Every time I have a large cup of Desert Sun Coffee in the golf cart. A great round of golf starts with a great cup of coffee.
Hobbies and interests: Golfing, fishing, weightlifting, splitting wood, yard work

  • Zach   
  • Name: Zach 
  • Role: Operations
  • Favorite coffee: Natural Processed Ethiopian 
  • Preferred brew method: Hario V60 Pour Over
  • What got you into coffee: Fair Trade and helping Farmers
  • A memorable place you enjoyed coffeeTaste Coffee in Durango, Colorado
  • Hobbies and interestsMountain Biking, Traveling, Learning other languages, and pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee
  • Name: Ted
  • Role: Head Roaster/Production Manager
  • Favorite coffee: Peru Naturally Processed
  • Preferred brew method: Pour Over
  • What got you into coffee: In general, growing up in a rehearsal hall, gourmet coffee, and Liz Nelson.
  • A memorable place you enjoyed coffee: Trastevere, Rome
  • Hobbies and interests: Music, Woodworking, Drawing/Art
  • Name: Dave
  • Role: Production Assistant
  • Favorite coffee: Sumatra
  • Preferred brew method: With water
  • What got you into coffee: My lovely wife.
  • A memorable place you enjoyed coffee: On the bluff at Strands in Dana Point, CA.
  • Hobbies and interests: Guitarist, Woodworking, Flyfishing