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Desert Sun Coffee Wholesale

Whether you are a coffee shop owner, restaurant manager, or other foodservice professional, we can provide you with the coffee products you need to keep your customers satisfied. Contact us today to learn more about how Desert Sun Coffee can help your business succeed.
You’ll get peace of mind knowing you can rely on us (for a quality product, commitment to sustainability)

We’re your personal roaster | We make it easy | We make it right

We Offer Delicious Coffee & Exceptional Customer Service

As a wholesale coffee company, Desert Sun Coffee is dedicated to providing high-quality coffee products and exceptional customer service to foodservice businesses. Our product line includes single origin and blend coffee beans, as well as ground coffee and pre-packaged beverages, all of which are carefully sourced and roasted to ensure the best flavor and quality.

Desert Sun Coffee 5lb bag and 12oz  bags of on roaster shelf

We’re Your Personal Roaster & We Care

When you choose Desert Sun Coffee as your wholesale roaster, you'll get the added benefit of discounted prices, customizable options, and a team of coffee experts ready to support you every step of the way. Trust us to be your personal wholesale roaster and elevate your coffee game to new heights.

Brewing Equipment & Accessories For Your Business

Because great coffee doesn’t just happen, Desert Sun offers a range of high-quality carefully selected brewing equipment and accessories to help our customers prepare coffee to the highest of standards. We can help get your location equipped with the proper espresso machine, drip coffee brewer and filters, espresso and drip grinders, and/or water filtration.

We’re here to help you solve your equipment needs to get you up and running, providing the best quality product on the market.

What our customers are saying:

Contact our sales team today and find the perfect coffee to fit for your business

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