Buy 100% Organic Certified, Fair Trade Coffee - Impeccably Fresh Roasted Weekly

We believe a great cup of coffee begins long before the first sip, so we’re a little (okay...a lot) obsessed with the integrity of the process from crop to cup.

Doing the right thing matters to us: for people, for the planet, and for the perfectly roasted bean.

At Desert Sun Roasters, we offer fresh roasted organic coffee for sale by the bag, or in bulk. We start out by meticulously selecting our bean origins and then match the perfect coffee bean with just the right roast levels in order to bring out the best in one another. We negotiate fair trade, living wage prices directly with our farmers and re-invest a portion of our profits back into their businesses because we believe in supporting small business worldwide.

Taste what coffee can be when the people behind it care as much as you do.


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