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We're Your Personal Roaster!

Organic red coffee cherries on a coffee tree


At Desert Sun we believe the best cup of coffee starts with relationships

100% Fair Trade | USDA Organic

We’re on a mission to do the right thing for people, for the planet,
and for the perfectly roasted bean

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Coffee farmer picking coffee cherries from a coffee tree

Fair Trade Single Origins

At Desert Sun Coffee Roasters, our single origins are harvested at their peak freshness. Available varieties are roasted fresh every week.

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A barista pouring a Latte in a cup

Handcrafted Organic Blends

For us, the daily grind is all about harmony. We meticulously select bean origins and roast levels to bring out the best in our organic coffee blends.

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Cooperative coffee's roaster owners together

From crop to cup, we're setting the standard for sustainable coffee.

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