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What Makes Coffee Good?

What Makes Coffee Good?

We’ve all seen them--heck, we might even be one--wine connoisseurs sitting in nice restaurants swirling their 2009 pinot noir commenting about “legs” or “tannins”.  What you don’t often see though is someone standing in their robe and slippers in the middle of their kitchen swirling their morning cup of coffee stammering about “notes” or a “fruity finish”. 

But we should. 

Coffee is not unlike wine when it comes to the complexity of taste and numerous other characteristics. Just like wine grapes, a coffee bean’s quality is highly dependent on where and what conditions it is grown in. The difference between a smooth or a bitter morning coffee is also determined by the journey of the bean, its roasting, and then finally, the storage and process of which your beverage is made.

So what makes a good cup of coffee?

We will tell you all about it!

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