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The Ladies of Las Diosas

The Ladies of Las Diosas

The women of La Central Cooperativa Las Diosas (The Goddesses) in Nicaragua have a deep passion for coffee. They live and work in an area east of Managua in the department of Esteli where historically, much of the land is devoted to and controlled by male tobacco producers. In 1996 though, the bold and determined, La Central Cooperativa, Las Diosas formed an all-female cooperative in order to gain more control of high quality coffee production, create a better livelihood for their families, and build a support system for each other and their agricultural land. 

Now, the coop has 250 female members and includes four smaller sub-cooperatives each managed by its own female Board of Directors who help the ladies work together to improve production through different resources. Resources include, organic and sustainable agriculture technique teachings and classes through the Fondacion Entre Mujeres, or, La FEM

La FEM, also based in Esteli, Niciragua, focuses on issues such as women’s health, universal access to education and economic and moral support for single mothers. The group helped establish an alternative school where young women can be taught otherwise male-dominated trades such as carpentry, welding and construction and gives them the tools that enable women to gain economic independence. 

The partnership between Las Diosas and La FEM has mirrored a progression of what it means to be an independent female and the ladies of Las Diosas convey the drive for what it means to be a strong woman: passionate about what she does, and loving the coffee she makes. 

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