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Cooperative Coffees Awarded SCA’s Sustainability Award

Cooperative Coffees Awarded SCA’s Sustainability Award

Desert Sun, as a member/owner of Coop Coffees, is happy to announce the Coop’s acceptance of the Specialty Coffee Association’s 2020 Sustainability Award in the Business Model category. The award acknowledges leaders in the specialty coffee industry who guide the way with green initiatives. Coop Coffees has been recognized for their unique business model which brings roasters from the United States and Canada to import in a way that promotes sustainability with coffee producers. Desert Sun is an active member-roaster, joining Coop Coffees in 2007.

Founded in 1999, Cooperative Coffees is an importer of Fair Trade and organic coffee committed to improving the livelihood of small-scale coffee farmers, providing services to its members, and creating connections that have a regenerative and sustainable impact. Today, the cooperative has 23 roaster-members throughout North America, and partners with 54 producer organizations in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Cooperative Coffees is a Certified B Corporation.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Cooperative Coffees’ business philosophy. Wanting to do business differently, the founding members created an innovative importing model, incorporating transparent and fair trading practices to foster long-term relationships with farmers as partners in trade.

Cooperative Coffees believes coffee growing should be economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable. Recent initiatives include Carbon Climate and Coffee: Moving the Needle from Cool Farms to Soil Carbon Premiums, a pilot project implementing the Cool Farm Tool, and the Carbon, Climate and Coffee Initiative, a “voluntary carbon tax” invested in producers’ environmental service projects.
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