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Recovering Indigenous Culture Through Coffee in Colombia

Recovering Indigenous Culture Through Coffee in Colombia

Desert Sun is a firm believer that through fair practices and sustainable partnerships, coffee can be a tool to help better the lives of everyone in the supply chain. We’re excited to bring another group to the forefront, showcasing not only spectacular coffee, but a unique culture which might not have been otherwise exposed. 

The Paez, who sometimes refer to themselves as Nasa, or “the people,” are an indigenous group who live in the highland region of Cauca, Colombia. Centuries of oppression and conflict led to forgotten agricultural knowledge and indigenous practices, meaning the Paez had lost a core part of their cultural identity. 

Fondo Paez was created in 1992 to help bring back what was lost–and connect the Paez people to their history. The group proposed a community-based cooperative to help stabilize the income of regional farmers, leading to a democratically-run system with all decisions voted on by delegates. Cooperative members–the farmers themselves–make up the board of directors, organizational and credit committees, and handle marketing.

With precise quality control and equilateral opportunities to all members, the coffee that comes from Fondo Paez is truly special. You’ll taste notes of apricot, raisins, fresh berries, and honeysuckle in our newest Colombia single-origin offering.

Learn more about Fondo Paez and don’t forget to try your own bag of Colombia Paez today!
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