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LIMITED OFFERING | Honduras - Miriam Betty Perez

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Tasting Notes from our Head Roaster:
Gentle acidity with a mild fruity complexity. Notes of Lemon-lime, brown sugar and vanilla. Additional hints of Milk chocolate, chamomile and Nougat.

Body: Milky and textured.

Fragrance/Aroma: Prune, Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, Citric

Region & Production:
Farm Name: "Finca Clave de Sol"
Altitude: 1300 mts (4265 feet)
Varietals: Icatú, Parainema, Maragogype, Borbon, Tipica and Catuaí
Farm size: 3.5 hectars (8.65 acres)
Harvest: Dec-Apr
Production: 11,200 lbs of green coffee
Process: Natural processed, sun-dried in raised, covered beds
Location: Barrio el Rincón, Marcala, La Paz, Honduras

More about the coffee farmer:
Miriam “Betty” Perez is a third generation coffee farmer who has been producing coffee now for over 20 years. She is a local leader in the Marcala community. She has also become an outspoken advocate of gender equality and fair trade in the coffee industry. Learn more about Betty's story below...scroll down.

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About Miriam "Betty" Perez:

Miriam Elizabeth Pérez likes to be called Betty. She is one of the most influential people at the COMSA cooperative and in the municipality of Marcala from which she comes. She discovered the world of coffee at a very young age, because she was just 6 when her grandfather, whom she has always considered as her father, began taking her with him to his plantations. It was there that she learned how to pick, cut and even transport coffee. Still passionate about the industry today, she is proud to have been able to learn so much from her grandfather’s experience and know-how. Betty inherited 2.5 hectares 12 years ago and bought 6 more with her husband a few years back. They therefore represent the third generation of her family to produce coffee. Betty is a woman with a mission, a mother of 5 and wife to Rodolfo, one of the brains behind COMSA. When you visit her farm, it is immediately obvious that she is a woman of action and a natural leader among her employees.

“When we were kids, our grandfather always involved all of his grandsons in farm chores at his coffee farm. He didn’t like bringing his grand-daughters because he used to say girls had no place in coffee farms. In the end, he wound up contradicting his own beliefs by inheriting his daughter, my mother, her farm, and delegating tasks to me. I helped by planting trees, hauling and picking coffee, helping my mother, who was a single mother, earn a living for us in order to buy school materials and clothing. Today, I remain an organic coffee producer. Our vision is to have coffee production be the inheritance of our four children, and to instill on them the same vision and values of cultivating coffee in harmony with nature.”

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