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What is Cold Brew?

What is Cold Brew?


 Introduction to Cold Brew Coffee

Desert Sun Cold Brew

What is Cold Brew?

Cold brew isn’t hot coffee turned cold, nor iced coffee. It’s a special beverage that takes a little longer to brew than your morning pot and instead of using hot water, it is made with cold or room temperature water that sits over a long period of time. 


Traditionally coffee is brewed with hot water, extracting certain oils and acids that are only soluble at high temperatures creating acidity (or the “bite” you taste in black coffee). However, cold water brewing creates a perfectly balanced and distinctively smooth cup of coffee with little to no acidity.




  Cold Brew vs. Ice Coffee

  • Ice Coffee is brewed HOT and then cooled to room temperature and served over ice; hot water brings out ACIDITY in coffee
  • Cold Brew is brewed in COLD water and served over ice; cold water brewing is a LOW ACIDIC process of coffee brewing





    Our cold brew at Desert Sun is made special with our fair trade and organic coffees, a whole lot research and tons of love.
    In our years pursuing this new and unique beverage we have discovered a special process that includes industry-changing technology and we have it in Durango, Colorado! 
    In fact, it is under our roof and it is called the Brew Bomb. 
    coffee beans
      What the heck is a Brew Bomb? It's not anything to be scared of. On the contrary, it is the coolest piece of technology that came to cold coffee. It makes artisan cold brew coffee quickly while making sure all brewing variables are consistent. This means our professional brewer (who is also our roaster!) can, over time and experimentation, hone in on the perfect recipe for the perfect brew and then make it time and time again--we're pretty stoked on that. 
        Our Brew Bomb cuts time in half and is a significantly cleaner process than trying to do it on your own. We create a concentrate that can be mixed with whatever you want (let's see what you got, you mixologist, you.) and bag it up for your convenience. And let me tell you, it is super convenient. 
        How do we do it?

        Producing Cold Brew

        Cold Brew Products  
        Cold-brewing produces a CONCENTRATE, after dilution creates a variety of products that can be served over ice, blended, bottled, canned, mixed with spirits, or infused with nitrogen (Nitro Cold Brew Coffee), ect. 
        Leave It to Us
        Cold Brew coffee and Nitro has made its mark in the coffee industry and is here to stay. Over the past  several years, Desert Sun has dedicated our time and equipment to become the leaders in Cold Brew in the Southwest. 
        We have the latest technology to create consistent brew profiles to maximize flavor and smoothness of each batch. 


        Basic Recipes for Great Cold Brew:

        Base Recipe 12oz
        -4oz Desert Sun Cold Brew Concentrate
        -8oz Filtered Water
        -Topped with Ice
        Creamy Cold Brew 12oz
        -4oz Desert Sun Cold Brew Concentrate
        -8oz Milk or Milk Substitute
        -Topped with Ice
        Mint Cold Brew 12oz
        -4oz Desert Sun Cold Brew Concentrate
        -8oz Milk or Milk Substitute
        -1 Pump Torani Peppermint Syrup
        -Topped with Ice
        For More Recipes Ideas Visit:


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