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Changes in The Coffee Industry We May See

Changes in The Coffee Industry We May See


This seems to be the main topic on everyone's minds lately. In lieu of the pandemic, we are seeing prices increase, access to goods and materials become increasingly difficult, and the quality of some goods and services become questionable. 

So, what does that mean for the coffee industry? While things seem troubling in many other areas, there are a few hopeful predictions for the next year.

Fair Trade America writes that customers will continue to look towards companies that focus more on sustainability. "In fact, more than a quarter of consumers say they always or usually base their purchases on sustainability, which is an increase of 11 points over the last 14 years and up 4 points from 2019." They also expect consumers to sway towards companies that advocate for human rights, companies that promote gender equality, mission-focused brands, and transparency!  We at Desert Sun find this information to be extremely exciting and hopeful for the next year. Luckily for us, we are pretty well-versed in the world of sustainability.

In regards to coffee pricing, I stumbled upon an article published by Olam Specialty Coffees that offered a very interesting perspective. "The truth is, current prices aren’t high, recent prices were just abnormally low".  (Link below to read the full article)

In this article, they do an excellent job of breaking down the cost of green coffee since the early 70's. As you can see, the coffee market is a very unique climate and full of varying market trends. According to the author, coffee is an agricultural product and should be thought of similarly to dairy, meat, and produce. With that in mind, coffee roasters have to be able to ebb and flow with these changes as well, and that can be seen in an increase in coffee prices. This is something we do our very best to avoid because it means that our producers aren't receiving a steady stream of income. So as you see coffee prices increase slightly in 2022, you have the peace of mind that we are doing so to support our small producers and employees.

Lastly, we might see a change in how other coffee tastes. According to an article written by Mashed, climate change is posing a threat to Arabica coffee beans- which are found in most coffees. Because it has been harder to grow successfully, it has also contributed to market prices increasing. In order to keep up with demand, farmers are starting to have to plant more Robusta. This bean, to be frank, just doesn't taste quite as good. So if you tend to buy cheaper, store-bought coffees, you might begin to taste the difference soon.  

Either way, we at Desert Sun will continue to always give 100% effort to "do the right thing", as we like to say. We are ready for what 2022 might have in store and will continue to provide sustainable, fair trade, high-quality coffee to you. 

As always, if you have any questions, comments, or related articles you find interesting, please comment below! 

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