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La Fem de Las Diosas

Back by popular demand, the exclusive La Fem de Las Diosas (The Goddesses)!  Dedicated to more than just growing coffee, La Fem is a dynamic network of community based cooperatives run by women and support true development and respect for women’s rights.  Fiercely independent and determined to succeed in the coffee industry, the 250-member cooperative has made much progress, both in terms of sustainable commercial relations for their coffee as well as the promotion of issues such as women’s education, housing and health. 

Las Diosas develops project work focused on issues concerning women’s health, universal access to education and economic and moral support for single mothers.  Purchasing this coffee you support women’s empowerment, organic agriculture, food security, sustainable development and more. 

Once at Desert Sun this coffee is roasted to a medium level and tasting of citrus and spice


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