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90 Proof Coffee



At Desert Sun Coffee Roasters we’re always looking for creative ways to share our love for coffee and the nuances that make it special. Last year, while at a Coop Coffees annual meeting in Louisville, KY, Desert Sun "Chief Bean," Glenn Lathrop, visited the Woodford Reserve Distillery. Walking through the oldest working bourbon distillery in the US, Glenn was intrigued by the idea of aging green coffee in one of the American oak barrels used for aging the whiskey. Green coffee is known  for its ability to absorb the flavor characteristics from its environment, which is usually something to be avoided. But in this case, that characteristic proved useful in creating a very dynamically flavored cup of coffee.  Glenn inquired with a friend who worked at Woodford about purchasing an oak barrel and a month later one arrived at Desert Sun Coffee in Durango.

Once the barrel was unloaded at Desert Sun, our head roaster, Wade Wilderman, funneled 30 lbs. of green Peruvian coffee into the barrel.  He then sealed the top hole and we let it age for quite a few weeks. Wade roasted a sample batch in our smaller roaster and when we tasted the coffee we knew we had something special. 

Think of sitting by the fire, after a long day skiing, enjoying this flavorful cup of coffee with friends and loved ones. We hope you take advantage of this limited edition roast and share it with the special people in your life who accompany you in your adventures this winter season. Drink up and happy holidays!





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