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Sumatra Gayo Mountain

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Tasting Notes:

Rich, Earthy, Herbal



Why we love this coffee:

Grown beneath the shade canopy near Gunung Leuser National Park, this exotic coffee is a superb example of what makes Sumatran coffees a perennial favorite among coffee lovers. Naturally darker than many other single-origins, its flavor is earthy and complex with notes of dark chocolate and malt.

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Aceh Tengah mountains in Sumatra

About Permata Gayo Cooperative:

Aceh Tengah is a cooperative located in the Aceh province of Sumatra, Indonesia, known for its exceptional high-altitude coffee plantations. The cooperative holds Fair Trade and organic certifications, embodying a commitment to sustainable farming practices and contributing positively to the local communities while producing some of Sumatra's finest coffee.

Customer Reviews

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Best coffee ever

This coffee is just awesome. Great flavor low acid only problem is they don't offer it in a 25 pound bag. Started buying this coffee 6 years ago and will never change. My wife takes it to her office, now she has regular visitors that stop in just for the coffee. Last year her office was broken into. The only thing taken was her coffee maker and her coffee.

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