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Roast Level:


Tasting Notes:

Smooth, Buttery, Caramel


Quiche, Guatemala

Why we love this coffee:

This superb coffee from the Quiche region of Guatemala supports the coffee producers as well as the Mayan artisans of the indigenous Ixil communities. This bean is smooth and buttery with hints of lemon and brown sugar.

Chajulense guatemala coffee farmers sorting coffee beans

About Chajulense Va'l Vaq QuyolCooperative:

The Asociación Chajulense Va'l Vaq Quyol Cooperative, nestled within the rugged landscapes of the Ixil region in Guatemala, is a Fair Trade and organic certified coffee cooperative. Dedicated to sustainable farming methodologies and uplifting local communities, this cooperative is renowned for producing some of Guatemala's finest coffee, thus making a substantial contribution to the international coffee industry.

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