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Where Does Peru Cajamarca Come From?

Where Does Peru Cajamarca Come From?

Deep in the heart of the lush jungle in Peru lie the 2,000 farmer members that make up CENFROCAFE, a collective of community-based growers. Founded in 1999 with just 220 small-scale coffee farmers, CENFROCAFE has grown to be a successful and important part of the Cooperative Coffees Family.

Twelve districts across the Cajamarca region of the Andes are represented in CENFROCAFE. The collective comes together to put on workshops for members, create leadership training and opportunities, and to facilitate community development. CENFROCAFE even has a financial team that provides short-term loans to help get new farmers on their feet and in business.

Why do collectives like CENFROCAFE exist? The answer is simple. Without the help of a larger organization, small farmers (think, less than an acre) wouldn’t have the resources to market and sell their products. They might not have the knowledge or access to sustainable growing models. CENFROCAFE is the hub in which “the little guys” can be a part of the larger picture.

Working with organizations like CENFROCAFE is an important aspect of what we do at Desert Sun Coffee and Cooperative Coffees. When we put money towards such cooperatives, we know we’re directly investing in the small communities that grow the high quality and flavorful coffee beans we love.

Next time you take a sip of Peru Cajamarca, enjoy the warm and nutty notes of vanilla and almond–and think about the communities that grew it for you with love from the Andes!

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