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How to: Supply coffee to your sustainable business

How to: Supply coffee to your sustainable business

Desert Sun as your Personal Roaster

With a simplified supply chain, receiving organic, fair trade, delicious coffee that your customers will love and feel really good about has never been easier.  

We pride ourselves on the uniqueness we offer..

Supplying excellent coffee is what we do, but we take it a step further by questioning why we do it. Relationships are the cornerstone of our values, from our producers to our wholesale partners. From bean to cup, you can rest easy knowing we always "do the right thing". 

Nestled in the mountains of Southwestern Colorado for the last 20 years..

We put the small-town feeling of knowing everyone at the grocery store in everything we do. Our partners truly become a part of the family, with a real person (probably Bruce) always on the other line. We tend to know your needs, maybe even before you do.

You'll get direct insights to the farmers who produce the coffee

We are members of the ONLY  roaster owned import coop on this continent, and with that includes a lot of perks from tasting reports, interviews with the farmers, a perfected & consistent supply chain, and an interactive map to trace exactly where the coffee exchanges occur. We are 100% transparent in our sourcing practices, giving you the peace of mind that your  business is a direct contributor to the most ethically responsible partnerships. 

A variety of offerings.. 
We supply delicious specialty coffee ranging from our always-available single origins and blends, along with a constant cycle of limited and seasonal offerings.. and yes that does include incredible microlots and the best cold brew! We promise that even the pickiest customer will rave about this coffee.

Ask us about our additional offerings and services!

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