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Quality Control from Origin to Roastery

Quality Control from Origin to Roastery

At Desert Sun Coffee Roasters we pride ourselves in taking thorough quality control measures to ensure the perfect cup of coffee–every time. From supporting best practices among our producer partners  to labeling your shipment for delivery, everything we do is sincere, intentional, and focused on quality. We believe these steps are what make our coffee that much better.

Keep reading to learn how we take quality control to the next level.

Detailed Tracking from Origin to Roastery

  • We track and document every bean from the country of origin until it leaves our warehouse as a roasted product
  • Our thorough practices meet the strictest standards and qualify us as USDA Organic

Regular Cupping/Tasting and Analysis

  • Quality begins at origin. Coffees are hand picked at their peak ripeness and processed for export.
  • Once ready for export random sampling occurs and is sent to our lab in Montreal to ensure it meets our standards before leaving the country
  • Once coffee arrives in the U.S. it is again tested to ensure quality
  • Desert Sun receives a report of the pre-ship and landed Cupping Reports  prior to its arrival at the roastery
  • We cup (the technical term for evaluating) our coffees each week in-house. This is done to ensure the consistency of our blends across time, to check the quality and consistency of new coffee lots, and to develop new roasting profiles
  • We even weigh each batch before and after roasting and regularly use a light meter to verify roast level

Meticulous Roasting

  • We carefully develop roast profiles by keeping detailed records of sample roasts. We also rely on cupping and close observation/calculation to optimize bean development
  • In our roastery, we utilize the latest in roast profile automation software to ensure consistency and repeatability

Thanks to our expert roaster, Ted, our quality control measures have placed us a cut above our competitors. Our number one priority is delivering customers a delicious, consistent cup of coffee–each and every time they order with us.

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