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Meet Zach, Desert Sun's Chief Operating Officer

Meet Zach, Desert Sun's Chief Operating Officer

Meet Zach, Desert Sun’s Chief Operating Officer. His generous heart and aptitude for making a difference has made him a core element of the Desert Sun and Cooperative Coffees family.


What is your background?

I’m a 1st generation college student. I graduated with honors because people whom I never met supported my endeavor for a higher education. While I naturally excelled in math, I ended up gravitating towards sociology to understand the complexities of inequality. 

What drew you to Desert Sun? 

You don't get into coffee, coffee gets into you. I was drawn to the idea that one could make meaningful changes in the lives of others less fortunate by making conscious purchasing decisions.


What is your favorite part of your job?

Working with our Desert Sun family on a daily basis, participating in Cooperative Coffees–where we import our coffee and visiting the producers that grow our coffee!


What are you most proud of in regards to Desert Sun?

Being recognized by the Specialty Coffee Association for having the most sustainable business model on the market was a huge honor. 


What's your favorite coffee we offer?

In general I love our award winning Ethiopian! But we continue to get incredible limited offerings that blow me away–like our upcoming Microlot Honey Processed Honduras single origin!

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