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The 5 Elements to a Good Cup of Coffee


According to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) there are five elements necessary to transform roasted beans into a great tasting beverage:

  1. Correct ratio of coffee to water. This ratio is the main factor in determining the strength of the brew. The SCAA recommends a ratio between 3.25- 4.25oz. coffee per 1⁄2 gal. water.
  2. Match the grind level to your type of brewing equipment. Grind level and type of brewing method work hand in hand.
  3. Proper operation of the brewing equipment. This element refers to time of contact between coffee grinds and water, temperature of the water, and the uniform flow of water over the grounds, or turbulence. 
  4. Finding your optimum brewing method. Brewing the same coffee in different brewing equipment greatly affects the taste and body characteristics of the finished beverage. 
  5. Good-quality water. Since an ideal drip coffee beverage is actually more than 98% water, it is crucial to make sure that water is as clean as possible. A filter that removes chlorine and inhibits scale build-up is usually essential in our region for clean taste and proper brewer operation.

Carefully ensuring that all five of the essential elements are in harmony with each other is crucial to setting up a quality brewing process.

But, how can we know if harmony has been achieved? Beyond the simple taste test what else can be done?

Luckily, modern technology offers us a more in-depth view in regards to the basic make-up of a coffee beverage. Through careful analysis of the finished beverage using state of the art diagnosis we can adjust parameters of a given recipe to maintain consistency and quality in every beverage you prepare and serve. 

That is why we have developed a brewed coffee analysis program that allows our customers to get as close to the ideal cup as possible. So, let us stop by your business and provide an analysis of your brewed coffee, because the goal of our Brewed Coffee Analysis program is to help you bring out more of what you love about our coffee. Together, we can create the perfect cup for you!

Give us a call today, 970-247-1100, to schedule a brewing analysis at your shop!

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