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Transcription of Official DSCR Video

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Interview with Glenn Lathrop, Chief Bean

“We are always looking for that next way of bettering coffee. Whether it's through what we do in roasting, whether it's how we choose to prep or prepare a beverage, it's forever looking for that nuance of what coffee can be.”

Images of coffee roasting process with music.

Zachary Ray, Head Roaster

“One unique thing about about roasting coffee at Desert Sun is roasting coffee at high elevation. Most of the rules and protocols by which people roast coffee are completely different here. I've tried using profiles that people recommend to recommendations for how to roast coffee and they don't work so we have to create our own unique way that we want to roast coffee and we roast it totally different with different profiles different times, and we taste it and we pick the ones we like the best and use those for our best of the best lineup.”

Images of coffee roasting and Durango with music

Glenn Lathrop

“Just layers of coffee. I think, you know there's this analogy of the onion and you just keep peeling back the layers that onion and coffee is that way for me.”

Zachary Ray

“Going to Origin really helps bring it all together and to see exactly what it is that is happening, how it is that they walk to the fields and pick cherries one at a time and put them in a basket, where they take them to to the yard to process to see that spectrum of how they're actually doing the processing of coffee to the point where it gets to where what we receive your Desert Sun which is these bags of coffee.”

Images of coffee dripping with music. Desert Sun Logo.