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organic coffee berries on branch

Organic: It's not just something we do; it's all we do!

Certified USDA Organic Logo

All Desert Sun coffee is grown, harvested and processed organically. Our certification guarantees the organic integrity of every bean, 100% of the time.

Why do we go through such trouble? We strongly believe in coffee that has been produced in the most wholesome, responsible manner possible. This is a commitment we've upheld since we roasted our first batch in 2004, so don't expect us to change our minds anytime soon!

What Does "Organic" Actually Mean?

It means our coffee is produced without the use of chemicals, fertilizer or pesticides -- from seed to cup. The beans are also processed, shipped, stored and roasted in organic facilities every step of the way.

So who benefits?

√ Farmers. Organic practices promote good health of the farmers, their families, and future generations by decreasing their exposure to toxic chemicals.

√ Earth. Organic coffee comes from trees cultivated within a sustainable crop rotation plan to prevent erosion and depletion of soil nutrients.

√ You. When you choose organic, you opt for your prolonged health and make a positive difference all the way up the coffee supply chain. Oh and it just tastes better!

More Resources

Learn more about the National Organic Program and the meaning behind the stamp at the USDA website.