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How We Roast

how we roast

Sample Roast. First, we roast several small sample batches of the coffee when it first arrives. These batches are roasted very light so we can detect any defects or quality problems before production roasting begins.

Coffee Cupping. Next, we cup our sample roasts. We pour boiling water over a set of identically ground and weighed samples, let them steep for a few minutes, then carefully scrape the floating grounds off each cup. We then "slurp" from each sample with a spoon, testing several batches of the same coffee. The purpose of this is to test for quality then develop tasting notes and possible roast profiles for a particular coffee.

Production Roast. After sample roasting and cupping, we usually have a pretty good idea of where we would like to take a bean in the process of roasting it. We will do small batches of production roasts at first, cupping, tasting and brewing each batch over and over to determine if we need to make adjustments to bring out the best from that coffee.

Some beans lend themselves to a lighter roast and others improve with a bit more time spent developing in the roaster. The initial roast level will be our starting point for a coffee, but we continue to pull samples and check quality the entire time we have a particular coffee in house.

We put our heart and soul in every single batch!