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Homepage Video Transcription

Transcription of “How We Buy Coffee” video on homepage

Introduction with music and Coop Coffees Logo

Interviews begin:

Mike Mays of Heine Brothers

"The ultimate goal is to be friends and for everyone’s life to improve. We were in the right place at the right time in the year 2000 when Bill Harris approached us with this idea for Cooperative coffees. You know, to allow us to pool our buying power with other like-minded Coffee Roasters to buy coffee direct from from producer groups around the world."

Bill Harris, Founder of Cooperative Coffees

"The history of the organization goes back to an experience with a coffee farmer in Guatemala. It was a life-changing moment, came back to the United States and began researching the supply chain of coffee and how coffee moves from that farmer and ultimately that led to an organization called Cooperative Coffees that connects Coffee Roasters and consumers directly to Coffee Farmers."

Mike Moon, Cooperative Coffees

"We are owned by the roasters who are the members of the cooperative and that we import only copy that is traded on Fair and Equitable terms. We have complete traceability from the grocery store shelf all the way back to the farm. Likewise, the farmer can trace their coffee out to The Roaster, and that's a very unusual."

Kevin Walters, Alternative Grounds

"When you buy fair-trade you're buying directly from Farmers and as a small business it's very difficult for me to have a variety of coffees because I'd be buying one container and that would be my budget for the year."

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"They may be able to own their own manage a relationship with growers in a particular county Mexico, or Peru, but Coop Coffees offers an opportunity to also go to Samantra, or the Conga, or Ethiopia."

Matt Damron, Cooperative Coffees

"It’s very unique system, it’s a very unique method of sourcing coffee. You know it’s 20 some-odd different companies that are would otherwise be completely unrelated that are coming together and working as a team."

Joe Lozano, Third Coast Coffee

"I've got to buy coffee as a roaster from somebody, the difference is I'm buying it from someone that I know and I know that the impact of the price I paid directly benefits them."

Amy Graet, Equator Coffee Roaster

"You can be successful, you can employee people, a whole team of people, we’ve got lots of people working for Equator Coffee Roasters, and not on the backs of other people."

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"I think we get great coffee from great farmers who really care about what they do and care about the land and their communities."

T.J. Semachin, Kickapoo Coffee Roasters

"We bring a face to this side of the supply chain. The farmers know who's buying their coffee and they know that in our business model their interests are being taken care."

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"It’s a personal exchange making a relationship between groups of people that probably never would have met or exchanged ideas."

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"One of the remarkable things about the group is that it's this collection of people from around the continent who share values, share priorities."

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"Some good quality coffee is really important to us, but it's actually just a way to talk much more broadly about issues that we feel really passionate about."

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"It is a blessing to have a vehicle where you can contribute and Cooperative coffees is that space that we found."

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"Having no expectations, finding that a behavior you would take anyway can directly benefit someone seems profound in some way."

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"There's a lot of great potential for an awesome future in the the trading model of Cooperative coffees in the organizational structure of Coop Coffees and in the values and priorities."

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"We're in this for more than just the business both my fellow members of Cooperative coffees the roasters in the staff, as well as the producers."

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"Are ultimate goal is to build friendships through business as opposed to take advantage of friendships to do business."

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Group chanting “Coop Coffees!”