Why Desert Sun Cold Brew?

Most of us enjoy our morning brew the same as we’ve always known it--quick and hot--but cold brew is a little different
Cold brew isn’t hot coffee turned cold, nor iced coffee. It’s a special beverage that takes a little longer to brew than your morning pot and instead of using hot water, it is made with cold or room temperature water that sits over a long period of time. 
Because coffee beans are water soluble, their flavors can be extracted over this time, and without the hot temperatures, can come out smoother tasting, more balanced and around 60% less acidic than normal hot brewed coffee.    
It can be made ready to drink or as a concentrate that can be mixed with water, ice, or used as a favorite cocktail mixer. Either way, cold brew has definitely made its mark on coffee lovers near and far. 

So, why is our cold brew any different?

We have the technology. 
Normally, the process to make a batch of cold brew takes anywhere from 12-24 hours. The wait is long, the clean-up can be bulky and messy, and you are never 100% sure how the end product will taste. But luckily the industry has created ways to cut down any of that hassle and make sure that the product is consistent each time. 
We are proud and very lucky to have some of the most sophisticated technology in the industry in our warehouse to make cold brew at its finest. Called "Brew Bomb", this tool cuts brew time down to as little as 3 ½ hours, is clean and efficient and makes sure that each batch of cold brew comes out at its best quality that everyone will love.