Our new cold brew technology makes the best cup of cold brew coffee you can buy.

Most of us enjoy our morning brew the same as we’ve always known it–quick and hot–but cold brew is a little different.

Cold brew coffee and cold brew concentrates offer a smoother, more balanced, and significantly less acidic flavor to the coffee you already love. Desert Sun Roasters is proud to offer some of the best cold brew technology combined with our artisanal, fresh roasted coffee beans in order to offer one of the best cold brew coffee concentrates on the market. With our latest technology, we create a consistent brew profile that maximizes the flavor and smoothness of each batch.

Typically, the process to make a batch of cold brew takes anywhere from 12-24 hours. The wait is long, the clean-up can be bulky and messy, and you're never 100% sure how the end product will taste. However, we have recently integrated the "Brew Bomb" into our cold brewing process, a new technology which cuts brew time down to as little as 3 ½ hours. This new process is clean and efficient–and makes sure each batch of cold brew comes out at its best quality for a consistent cup of coffee each time.

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