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Why Work with Desert Sun Coffee Roasters?

Our motto is “Happy people make happy coffee.”  And happy coffee makes for happy customers! We care about our beans, from their organic, pesticide-free origins, to the final meticulously roasted coffee you receive.  Every step of the way, we make choices to protect the well-being of the people and the environment that makes the journey possible. We are committed to doing the right thing: protecting the financial independence of our farmers, keeping our beans organic and ethically-sourced, and keeping our customers as happy as our coffee.  That means that we give YOUR BUSINESS the same passionate commitment that we give ours.

That means you’re working with Desert Sun Coffee Roasters.


Why Will Your Coffee Drinkers LOVE Us?

Everyone wants to feel good about the choices they make.

By offering Desert Sun Coffee, you’re giving your customers a story: the story of a farmer in another country.  He gets up early, as the sun rises. He has a small farm – 5 acres or less – and he tends the coffee crop by hand.  He doesn’t use chemicals or pesticides. He is nurturing. He is earning a living wage doing what he loves: growing a perfect coffee crop. Your customers know that when they purchase Desert Sun Coffee, their dollars support and empower this farmer.

Your coffee drinkers rely on you to provide them with the best.

Desert Sun Coffee is an artisanal coffee that’s meticulously cultivated from seed to cup, and your customers will taste the quality.  When they enjoy our coffee, they’re enjoying a bean that was roasted less than two weeks ago. They can smell the signature aroma of their favorite varietal.  They can see the rich colors of bean, an ombre of browns that varies with the bean’s origin, roast profile, and season. They are rewarded with a cup of coffee that they feel good about, from start to finish, and they will come back for more.

Why Will YOU Love Us?

We care as much about our people as we do about our coffee.

Coffee is our passion, from start to finish.  Providing you the best coffee from crop to cup means providing you the best service and support.  We know, we know…everybody says that! What makes Desert Sun Coffee Roasters different is that our commitment doesn’t simply show up and disappear when it’s convenient.  Every single day we make choices that show our commitment to responsibility. By paying our farmers above fair wage minimums, by making ethical choices as we source our beans, by providing our staff with a healthy work-life balance, we are showing YOU that every step of the way, we don’t cut corners on satisfaction.

We are here to share this commitment with you.

Our guarantee comes with decades of expertise from start to finish, whether that’s guiding you to the right coffee, consulting you on grinding and brewing equipment, coordinating training workshops for you and your staff, and more!  Our dedication to people and relationships means that our employees are well-taken care of, too, so a happy human will be at your disposal for your product or equipment needs.

Give us a call, shoot us an email, send us a carrier pigeon – we’re excited to chat!


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