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Honduras- COMSA

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Tasting Notes:

Milk Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Nougat


Marcala, Honduras

Why we love this coffee:

Sourced straight from the COMSA cooperative in the lush expanse of Marcala, Honduras, this specialty coffee presents a symphony of robust, full-bodied flavors, delicately counterbalanced by a mild touch of acidity. Every sip unveils an impeccably clean aftertaste, elevating your morning routine into a transcendent sensory experience. Relish the charm of our Honduran COMSA coffee, each cup serving as a vivid tribute to the rich heritage and vibrant essence of its homeland.

Comsa Coop coffee farmer in Honduras

About COMSA Cooperative:

COMSA, or Cafe Organico Marcala, is a reputable coffee cooperative situated in the verdant heart of Honduras, which has earned both Fair Trade and organic certifications. Demonstrating unwavering dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices, COMSA passionately fosters a model that prioritizes ecological preservation and the betterment of local communities, making it a beacon for conscientious coffee production worldwide.

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