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Limited Offering: Honduras Microlot

This Limited Offering of the Honduras Microlot is the first of many to follow, as we will be releasing a limited amount of this series until it's completely out of stock. Once it's gone, we will move onto another limited series of beans, each with its own unique story on origin and the producers behind it.
The Story Behind this Limited Offering: Honduras Microlot
Producer: Oscar Omar Alonzo
This Limited Offering Series is exclusive for a few reasons; one of those being that it won an award at the 2019 SSP Coffee Awards earlier this year! The SPP Coffee Awards recognize the quality of coffee from SPP-small producers’ organizations and show the capacity of these producers to compete internationally with supreme quality, sustainable, fair trade products, adding ethical value to the production-distribution chain. This Honduras Limited Offering Series came from a single Microlot and producer at COMSA, from the Marcala region in Honduras. The producer behind this coffee is Oscar Omar Alonzo, a Coffee Coop Producer member who has been producing organic coffee at his farm, "Cual Bicicleta" since the early 2000s. Oscar is a model farmer at COMSA, maintaining excellent production practices. Oscar is also very involved in his community, protecting water sources and developing watershed areas.

$ 18.00