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Coffee Processing January 31 2019

raw coffee gem in palm of hand

Raw Coffee Gem! Do you know the difference processing makes to the flavor of your coffee? There are two main types of processing: washed and unwashed. In the washed process the skin of the coffee fruit is removed before drying. In the unwashed process, the coffee bean is left inside the skin of the coffee cherry and fermented. The unwashed process creates fruity flavor notes! Try our Ethiopian coffee for a great example of an unwashed or natural processed coffee!


Looks like this Sumatra seed escaped the washed process with skin still intact! 

Natural Processed Peru Coffee July 05 2018

coffee berries in palm of hand

One of the MANY advantages of being member partners with COOP Coffees is our DIRECT relationships with our Farmers. We take pride in our long standing relationships with our coffee farmers!

The COOP has something called our "Impact Fund"; a tax that we charge ourselves that goes back to our producer communities. One of the project we have going on with this money is in Peru where we have dedicated over 10 years in the NATURAL processing of coffees.

We are the only importers of Natural Processed Peru in the world! And it's so good; wild strawberry tasting notes. And it just keeps getting better!