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New Espresso Blend Available Online October 10 2018

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New Espresso Blend Available Online! Try our custom blend of Ethiopian (for sweetness) and Sumatran (for body) created for Taste Coffee Cafe! Our Ethiopian just received a 92 rating on Coffee Review! We also played with lightening our Sumatran to help highlight the fruitniess of Ethiopian while still bringing a rich earthy body to the espresso. Dont be fooled by the name, this coffee also makes a wonderful drip coffee! 

Best Of Durango July 24 2018

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Help us continue to welcome Taste Coffee to the heart of Durango Downtown! Located at 11th and Main Taste Coffee is a specialty cafe featuring Desert Sun Coffee's single origin coffees. If you haven't already, stop in and met owner Ronnie Hardt who will make you a specialty coffee with superior service! 


Taste Coffee is listed in the 2018 Best of Durango "Best Coffee Shop" Category!