Ecuador Specialty Lot March 10 2015

The Ecuadorian Bracamores Cup is a limited offering from our friends in the APECAP cooperative. This cooperative blended together the finest Bourbon and Typica coffee cherries from the Benito and Segundo's farms located 1,200-1,400 meters above sea level. This coffee was set aside to be submitted into the Bracamoros Cup competition held in Palanda, Ecuador and placed 8th. This coffee is a limited offering from Desert Sun Coffee Roasters in celebration of the new spring season. Enjoy tasting notes of milk chocolate, vanilla, caramel and mandarin oranges.  The coffee finishes with a bright "tangy" acidity and a syrupy body with a sweet lingering aftertaste.  

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The process: 

-A careful cherry selection was conducted selecting fully-ripe and over-ripe red cherries, floated to screen for immature cherries and afterwards depulped.

- After depulping the coffee was fermented for 12 hours in plastic tanks and washed.

- An additional selection was conducted post-ferment, taking care to remove all visible defects.

-Dried on Raised-Bed, ventilated solar driers for 30 days, turned every 2 hours to ensure uniform and consistent drying down to 12% moisture content.