10 Blend is here! November 06 2014

Ten, its how many fingers you have, how many toes you have, a perfect score in sporting events, the base for our numbering system, the limit on an amplifier level knob, the top of the scale used to measure many things, a measure of perfect beauty, and many other things.

Ten is also the number of years that Desert Sun Coffee Roasters have been roasting 100% organic, fair trade coffee in Durango Colorado!

To celebrate ten years in business, we have created a very special coffee blend of 3 unique African coffees to tempt your pallet!  We call this blend TEN BLEND.  Ten Blend is an intense, medium roast coffee blend that is rich and full bodied, with notes of citrus and berries.  Ten Blend is different from any blend we have ever done, and it is only available for a short time, so be sure to get yours!